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california florida, illinois... and new york. and by the united states department of education... and the united states immigration and naturalization service.
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so, how was your weekend ? what weekend ? bill spent the whole time working, and i did laundry. that sounds romantic. he as preparing for a big conference in chicago. - how was your weekend ? - i ate, slept and studied for an exam. talk about boring. how about next week we go see a movie together ? sounds better than studying. actually, the studying wasn't so bad. oh, why's that ? i was going to tell you. we have a guest teacher who keeps me very interested. - he's absolutely the most fan-- - bill ! - hi, bill. - hi, bill. - hi, everybody. - what are you doing here ? i just wanted to say good-bye before i left for the airport. so i'll see you a week from friday. it's a date. and i'll call you when i get to chicago. you better.
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don't forget my bear. i won't. is this a business conference or a hunting trip ? - it's for my collection. - you collect stuffed animals ? -yeah. what's wrong with that ? -nothing, if you're a five year old. - rosa, what is today's special ? - chicken mole. - and what about dessert ? - i'm not sure yet. maybe you could come up with something a little extra special ? - are we expecting royalty ? - our landlord, mr. shuster, is coming to have lunch. - we are discussing the new lease. - i'll do my best. good luck. this lunch has acid indigestion written all over it. how do you like thchicken ? it's delicious. rosa is an excellent chef. you have a wonderful restaurant. i hope you're here for a very long time. oh, i'm sure i will be. as soon as i meet with my accountant, i'll let you know about the rent. what about the rent ? property taxes
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are going up. i may have to pass on the cost to my tenants. i see. when will you know for sure ? hopefully inhe next few weeks. that was terrific ! i'm glad you enjoyed it. i'll go see about dessert. dessert ? - so how's it going back there, victor ? - too soon to ll. - rosa, is dessert ready ? - it's just coming out of the oven. i'll-- what's the matter, rosa ? act normal just this once, please. please. sit anywhere you like. well, actually i'd like to talk with miss rivera, if she's here. - katherine, can you tell rosa someone is here to see her ? - sure can. please. she'll be right with you. katherine. could you bring two desserts to the office ? sure, mr. brashov. go on.
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mr. collins. please. call me andrew. i hope this isn't a bad time. no. we have a wonderful chicken dish today. it's in a special sauce with spanish rice and black beans. and for dessert-- actually, actually i've already eaten. oh. you look different when you're not standing in front of a blackboard. really ? no, no. you look fine. i mean, it's just strange to see you when you are not teaching. actually, i came to ask you a favor. but if youhink it'd be easier if i did it in class-- that's okay. i know that this is short notice, but are you free tonight ? tonight ? yeah, i've gotten myself into a bind. excuse me ? i'm meeting with some businesspeople. we're trying to put together an international chain of restaurants. that sounds like quite a challenge. two of my guests are from south america. and my translator cancelled out at the last minute so i-- i thought of you. i don't know if i would be the right person. well, of course you would. you speak spanish.
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you've learned a lot about business, and you're obviously familiar with restaurants. come on, rosa. you'll do fine. can i get extra credit ? that's very funny. well, here is the address. seven o'clock, okay ? sure. see you tonight. yes. maybe we could visit your accountant together. my schedule's a little busy right now. my son's coming home from school next week, so i'm trying to plan a few things. oh, you mean like going camping or maybe a ball game ? he's not really the athletic type. actually, he's writing a paper on how to run a small business. so he'll probably spend most of his time in the library. you should bring him by to visit crossroads cafe. what do you mean ? well, we are a small business.
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and it would be a pleasure to help your son with his project. that's very kind of you, mr. brashov. he could see how do things and ask questions. it would be fun. he might even give us some advice. that's great. he'll be thrilled. thank you. como les he estado explicando, este trabajo no es complicado. y si me permiten me gustaría demostrarles con esta gráfica. como pueden ver en esta manera el resultado de los edificios sería mucho más fácil. y el último resultado sería que no se gastaría tanto. as you can see, in this manner the construction of the buildings will be easier and the final result will be that we don't spend as much. ¿ entendieron ? sí. thank you, ricardo. it's a very interesting proposal. why don't we take a little break ?
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gracias, rosa. my grandfather brought that back from china. it's beautiful. are you a fan of chinese art ? not unless you count wonton soup. try one. what are they ? foie gras. ah, goose liver. very fancy. i practically grew up on this stuff. yeah, me too. andrew, may i have a word ? gracias. i was very impressed with your translating skills miss rivera. thank you. rosa's a student in the business class that i'm teaching this month. and who says there's no point in higher education ?
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max is one of my investors. andrew. this is quite a little gathering you've put together here. i see lots of dollars coming your y. let's hope so. well, you've certainly caused a fuss over that painting. sure looks like it. so, are you going to introduce me to your new friend ? this is rosa rivera. i'm libby flanders. hi. hello. it's nice to meet you. so, what do you think it's about ? excuse me ? the painting. libby, please. "pase" what ? i'd really like to know what she thinks of it. i'm sure everyone is interested in h opinion. well, it's obviously a statement about chaos. nonsense ! it represents the clash between reason and passion. so, rosa, what does this painting say to you ? maybe i should ask my ten-year-old sister. she draws like this all the time.
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andrew. do you have a minute ? i hope you won't take this the wrong way, but you're way out of your league. i can take it any way, because i don't know what you're talking about. how can i put this delicately ? andrew's world is expensive art antiques, fine wines. do you understand what i'm saying ? perfectly. gracias. you're never going to push your way into this world by talking to the help. "cubism and consuctivism can be shown to he...
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vital connections with postimpressionism." excuse me, professor. but why the sudden interest in modern art ? - it's hard to explain. - it can't be any more difficult than what you're reading. i just wanted to be able to carry on... an intelligent conversation with andrew when we go out tomorrow night. wait a minute. i thought you were just translating for him. well, i was. and ? and one thing led to another and he asked me out. - you mean, like a date ? - sounds like it to me. but that doesn't explain the new library section of the cafe. andrew and his friends are so sophisticated. they know all about art, music, wine. i never learned any of that stuff in school. - but you learned other things. - not the right things. come on, mr. brashov. ask me a question about fine wine. all right. how many bottles would i have to order to get a ten percent discount ? that's not exactly what i had in mind.
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so what'll it be, jess ? you should try the chicken special. you'll love it. i'll tell you what. i'll start with a cup of coffee, and i'll think about it. ah, mr. shuster. this is stu ? it's stuart. - nice to meet you, stuart. - mm-hmm. well, i'll see you later stuart. take youtime, father. i have a lot of ground to cover. okay. good luck. don't worry about a thing, mr. shuster. by the end of the week stuart will probably be running the place. no doubt. so, stuart, what would you like to do first: have a milk shake or a piece of pi? why don't we take a look at your accounts payable ? right this way.
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professors, i'm afraid are in the habit of telling students what to study. it's an occupational hazard. but you should pay close attention to this segment. at least, that's my advice. another way to give advice is to
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use the phrase: "you had better--" but sometimes advice with "had better" threatens people. so you "had better" be careful when you use it. and now, i "had better" get you back to the story. or y'll be giving me advice i may not want to hear. thank you. excuse me.
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it seems to be saying something about the environment. actually, i think it's a statement... about the rise of technology at the expense of the individual in today's society. i agree. oh, absolutely. th was very impressive. i hope so. it was a lot of work. i mean, thank you. rosa. i see you know your wines too. all in a day's wor dígale al sr. collins que le debería de aumentar su sueldo. what did he say ? he says you should give me a raise. i didn't think i should tell him i don't even work for you. well, maybe that's something we should lk about.
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federal safety rules are very strict. you really should be wearing gloves. if there were a safety hazard, i would know about it. well, u don't have to be so defensive. excuse me. your landlord's son doesn't need to learn about running a small business. he needs to learn some manners ! all right, jamal. take it easy. it's almost the end of the day. and the end of my patience. yesterday he told me my fingernails weren't clean enough. he told me i carried too many plates at one time. oh, come on. he told me he didn't like my hair. anyway, all i know is this world's in trouble if that kid survives to adulthood.
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if you ask me, this kid was born an adult. that gives me an idea. come on, henry. i think i know how we can put an end to our misery. you aren't going to do anything violent, are you ? don't worry, mr. brashov. leave everything to me. okay. how's that ? you ready to go ? yeah ! [ narrator ] very few people are formally trained to be parents. and yet, their approach to raising children is often shaped... by the culture in which they grew up. i find kids here very-- a little bit loosely brought up. in colombia, we tend to have a stronger sense of respect. adults are to be respected. your parents are figures of respect. your teachers are figures of respect. and, so, respect becomes a big issue
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in raising children. if they have respect for the age, they have respect for the family and, in turn, they'll get respect from others, too. jay ! turn that down ! teenagers can be particularly challenging... for immigrant parents. jay ! jay ! turnt down. that conflict that you would have wityour parents... in iran it's the same as here. it's an attitude of, i'm 16, i'm 17 i'm 15 or i'm 18. i can get out and do my own, whatever i want to do. that type of attitude. and your parents really do not have that backing. or backup of the rest of their family in dealing with you. in many cultures married couples are expected to have children. even if there is little money, having a family is of primary importance. in mexico, we need money. we need money to survive but it's not a primary issue for
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us to live. there is the family. therefore, usually mothers stay at home. the children are revered. and even though there may not be money to raise them they're welcomed into the home. newcomers to this country often worry about the emphasis on material goods... and how this will affect their children. when you have things to offer them especially material things it's very easy to spoil the kids that way. and then they kind of lost-- they kind of-- they lose the discipline. they don't know how to strive to get what they want. they want instant gratification. in northern ireland, i was able to be a child. and i just don't think that american children are allowed to be children. they immediately have to go from being born to being grownups. in some families that may be true. but within this country, there are many different approaches to raising children. you know what this is ? it's sweet basil. basically, the colombian culture is colombianorns...
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married to colombian borns raising colombian borns. we seem to have a more homogeneous way of raising kids. whereas, in the united states, you have people from all over the world bringing all types of styles. and it's making a salad of all these styles... and creating what we think is right. mr. shuster will be here any minute. where did jamal and henry take stuart ? i'm sure they'll be back any second. - did they take rosa with them ? - she had to leave early today. something about an emergency trip to the hairdresser. just relax, mr. brashov. you have nothing to worry about. that is easy for you to say. you do not have a landlord... who will make life very difficult if anything happens to his son. finally ! where is stuart ?
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you promised you wouldn't get violent. we were just showing stuart a few soccer moves. just look at him. what will his father say ? take him in the back and help him clean up. quickly. whatever you say mr. brashov. hi, mr. brashov ! - hi, dad. - stuart ? what happened to you ? well, it just got kind of boring working on my homework project. - so we went to the park and played soccer. - you played soccer ? he plays very well. i think he could become an excellent goalie. jamal, please. - i'm sorry, dad. - why don't you wait for me outside, stuart ? i'll be right out. - it's stu. - excuse me ? i don't want to be called stuart anymore. i want to be stu. stu shuster. i like the way that sounds. i just wanted to say thank you.
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you mean you're not angry ? are you kidding ? you've done in one day what i haven't been able to do in years. - anything we can do to help. - say, let's get together on monday. i think i might be able to find a way to return the favor. oh, thank you, mr. shuster. hi, andrew. hi, rosa. i got here as soon as i could. what's going on ? rosa, it's happening. i got word this afternoon that the financing has come through. i still can't believe it. that's great news.
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- but why are you packing ? - well, my plane leaves for switzerland tonight. oh, when will you be back ? hard to say. i mean, if everything works out, i-- i could end up in europe indefinitely. congratulations. thank you. rosa, i can't tell you what a tremends help you've been to me. and i could keep helping you. in fact, i've come up with a really great idea... for a marketing plan. rosa, you are very bright. and i don't know what i would have done if you hadn't come to my rescue with those investors. i hope you'll keep taking more classes. get some experience as a manager. and who knows, maybe next time i'm here you'll have your own restaurant. yeah. who knows. well, anyway, i wanted to give you something to show my appreciation.
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thank you. that's an '82 bordeaux. andrew, there's just one thing i want to ask you. sure. when we were going out-- i mean, when we weren't talking about business i just wanted to ask you if you ever thought about me as a-- traffic is awful. we'd better get an early start if-- oh. i'm sorry. hello, rosa. i don't know what i was thinking. senora. - rosa, your wine. - you need it more than i do.
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and by the way i hate goose liver ! - is that burger ready yet ? - it should be ready in a minute. rosa, you're not still thinking of that jerk, are you ? he wasn't a jerk. i just was so naive to think that there was more going on than there really was. so what else is new ? - hi, bill. - bill ! what a nice surprise. i caught an early flight. looks like you carried your mission out successfully. - you'd better check to make sure. - what mission ? it's great. wait a minute. what's this ? looks like you're trying to get on my good side.
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- what's with the bear ? - don't ask. it's beautiful. will you marry me ? is that a yes ? yes.
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closed-captioned by captions, inc. los angeles crossroads cafe is a series that tea
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